Saturday, June 25, 2011

Work* aka Some fun things having nothing to do with class

I titled this post work*, since * notation in probability means "everything but the thing that has the star next to it".  That is the last that I will speak of classes and class related things in this post.

Tonight, I did three new things.
1. I finally went into the Women's Lounge (the Margaret Cheney Room) in Building 3.  I knew about it as an undergrad but didn't know how to get access, finally found out and went in and it's nice to know that the space is there.  All female students need to do is email the Student Activities Office, have their ID card activated and then they have 24/7 access as long as they are a student.

It's a quiet, completely safe space and was actually started back in 1882 in honor of Margaret Cheney (a MIT graduate of that year).  So, the Cheney room actually had to make to move with the rest of campus when MIT moved from Boston to Cambridge.  FYI, MIT, unlike Harvard or Columbia or a number of other top schools, was never all-male. It had its first female graduate in 1873.  I'm going to try and add in general MIT history, facts, trivia, etc. to give you a sense of this place beyond just the business school itself.

2. I saw The Adjustment Bureau featuring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt in 26-100 (one of the largest lecture halls on campus).  LSC, the Lecture Series Committe, usually puts on two movies a week during the school year for $4.  Over the summer, though, their policy is to pick one movie to show every other week, but to show it for free - six films are being shown now though August.  So, tonight, I was occupied from 8-10PM watching a free movie.  The only thing bad about this set-up is that the seats in 26-100 are uncushioned which makes sitting through a 2 hour movie somewhat less pleasant.  Despite the non-ideal seating, 26-100 though is the traditional location for all LSC movies, both over the summer and during the year.

3. When I left the movie tonight with some friends, one of them reminded me that the Cambridge Dance Party was tonight.  One subway stop north of campus around Central Square, the city closed a block or so of Massachusetts Avenue (the main NS thoroughfare through Cambridge which also splits MIT in half) set up lights and a DJ and gave citizens four hours tonight to get out and party.  See the photos below for more details of the awesome-ness.

How often do you see a traffic notification sign like this?!? :-)
The official party sign in front of City Hall

The party as you looked "up" Mass Ave (towards Harvard).  City Hall is on the right.

Looking across Mass Ave from one sidewalk to another - The block was pretty packed!
(By the way, the Post Office is the grey/white building in the background)

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