Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And it begins

Only three weeks in to classes and we spent 7+ hours after class working on one assignment which we still haven't finished yet.  There was some time spent socializing and eating dinner, but it was mostly focused on trying to get probability done.  If I didn't like the prof as much as I do, I would have more trouble finding it to be worth it.  I left the LGO office around 10PM tonight and we'll need to work on things more tomorrow.  I knew it was going to be a challenge, but somehow I still wasn't that worried coming into the program.  Now it's appearing to be harder than I exected.  D'oh!

In a week or two we're going to have to map out the classes we think we want to take for all the two years and to commit to our concentrations - Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Systems Division (in other places known as Industrial Engineering), Electrical Engineering, Aero/Astro, Chemical and Civil Engineering.  I found out today that both the course load in terms of credits and the funding for the program are really 2/3 Sloan and 1/3 Engineering.  We need to take 120 Sloan units (regular classes are usually 9-12 units) and 66 engineering units to graduate.  That makes me kind of sad.  I wish it were more 50-50.

When I was reading the blogs of the current students when I was applying, I thought to myself, "Wow, they don't post very much.  If I do this, I've blogged before and I'm sure I'll post more.  It will be fun."  The truth is that I do enjoy it and it is in a way fun, but it's so much more easy to accomplish when you have time on your hands, which LGO is so good at helping you get rid of.  I won't have four posts per year or anything, but I think, sadly, things may end up being closer to four posts per month rather than per week.  Hopefully it will still be informative.

Other news...it's good to be a Bostonian because the Boston Bruins (NHL) won the Stanley Cup last week in Game 7.  I got to hear cheers and car horns right outside my apartment after the game.  That was fun.  I've been in town now for two Red Sox world series championships (2004 and 2007), the Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2005 when I was in college and the Celtics won just after I finished undergrad in 2008.  Now the Bruins complete the set!  If the Red Wings couldn't win (I lived in Michigan before this and that's when I first started watching Hockey, so they're my "home" team), then the Bruins are my next choice since MA is where I grew up.

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