Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Results are in...

MIT Graduate GPA equals MIT Undergraduate GPA.  Somehow that is very satisfying.

Undergraduate total units taken (including 18 units of credit from transferring AP classes): 406
Avg. Units/Semester Undergrad = 50.75
# of All-night-ers: ~6 (didn't keep rigorous count)
# of Diplomas: 1

Graduate total units taken: 262
Avg. Units/Semester Grad = 65.5
# of All-night-ers: 1
# of Diplomas: 2

The details are a bit murky - 18 units of undergrad from AP, some units earned here and there during my graduate internship, but this is roughly how it works out.  Amusingly, while the GPAs were the same, since the units per semester were different, the difficulty of the coursework must have been different.

So, from these data, I can conclude that MIT LGO was easier than MIT Architecture but with twice the payoff.  Or, probably more realistically, more work of LGO was done in teams and so your individual share was less than individual studio assignments and psets which were more common in undergrad.

In between the end of classes and actually getting my diplomas I did my biggest move down to PA, managing to borrow my parents' mini van for an extended weekend.  Like the moves out to MI, and home from there for my internship with GM, a stupidly full car was my standard moving procedure.

This is better though than my moves in the Pontiac and the VW because the front seat was mostly accessible.
Anyway, the real story is that last Friday, in a deluge of rain, the class of 2013 graduated out in Killian Court in front of the Great Dome.  The founder of Dropbox Drew Houston (MIT SB 2005) spoke, there were other elements of higher education pomp and circumstance and then we listened to every graduate's name read out loud.  The ceremony went from about 10AM to 1PM+ (I managed to stick it out in the rain the entire time, but had my doubts multiple times along the way).  My boyfriend and my family - Mom, Dad and my sister all joined me.

For graduation you process from MIT campus on one side of Mass Ave to Killian Court on the other - this makes people actually trying to drive on Mass Ave rather frustrated I would imagine... (The photo may not look wet, but oh, it was)

After commencement had ceased, uh, commencing, both LGO and Sloan had receptions for students and families.  However, still being wet and being kind of people-d out already, we made our attendance at these events brief.

Finally, I spent the rest of the weekend in Boston wrapping up moving, seeing people and...going to reunion at MIT.  Yes, inadvertently, I synced up my undergrad and graduate reunion years so I only need to go once every five.  I attended a couple of 2008 specific events and then a few others, like Toast to Tech, which were open to all MIT reunion attendees.

"...And as we raise our glasses high, tonight shall ever be, a memory that will never die for ye of MIT"

President L. Rafael Reif toasts MIT mascot Tim the Beaver

Reunion ended Saturday night for me and Sunday, once I woke up, was filled with final packing and moving out (since I'd be driving to PA right after, where I'll be living after school).

The final load of stuff (for now, there's still some at Mom and Dad's house)

The views driving to (and in) PA are lovely
Congratulations to all the members of the LGO class of 2013.  Hope your moves go smoothly and your new locations, jobs and pursuits are fulfilling.
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