Sunday, June 5, 2011

MIT150 - Inventional Wisdom

I will discuss the first few days of class soon (we began on 6/1), but I'm instead going to write about MIT's 150th for a little while, since the finale event, Toast to Tech, was tonight.  MIT was founded in 1861 by William Barton Rogers.  He was also its first president.  To honor its sesquicentennial anniversary, MIT had 150 days of events which included a special exhibit of 150 objects at the MIT museum, an open house to the general public, six colloquiums, the dedication of the new Sloan building, a festival of arts, science and technology (FAST) and global alumni gatherings.

Party in Killian Court in front of Building 10 (with the Great Dome)

Tonight, for Toast to Tech, MIT hosted a party with music, drinks, dancing, cake and fireworks to celebrate the end of those 150 days (which happened to coincide with reunion weekend).  The fireworks went on for 15 minutes over the Charles River, music from many decades was played and everyone was served cake from a giant 750 pound cake shaped like buildings of MIT.  The same bakery had also made 1000 cupcakes for the event.

MIT Campus Cake with a Cupcake Charles River

A skyscraper across the river (The Prudential Center) also had written MIT 150 on it via turning lights on only in certain rooms.  It was very cool and a great way to cap off what has been a busy and amazing year for the institute.

MIT 150 written in the lights of the Prudential Center across the river in Boston
Even though as LGO students we've only started out time as MIT graduate students, we've already gotten a chance to have some fun with the general community and alums.

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