Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Besides the call for leadership...

There is also the call for democracy!

Especially this year, in a presidential election year, doing one of the most American things you can do and voting is important.  Many of us have changed addresses recently for internships and so I wanted to remind people now (since you have to register often a month in advance of elections and usually by mail if not in person), to find out if you can vote absentee from your old address and, if not, how to register at your new one (and possibly vote absentee there if need be).

It had actually been a little lost in my head to register and vote, until I went to a concert this summer where the performers, quite nicely and non-partisanly called for people to remember to go to the polls.  They didn't care how people voted, just that they let their voice be heard.  Certainly as regular citizens, but especially citizens who are focused (at least somewhat) on leadership, this is something that should be important.  I've registered here in Michigan, but am applying for an absentee ballot for the presidential election since I'm not sure if I'll still be in MA for recruiting then or not.

There are a number of national sites like rockthevote.com and vote411.org which will send you to the right state office or page to get things underway.

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