Friday, August 31, 2012

GM Vehicle No. 3

Besides the ride and drives where we have a vehicle for a short period of time on a prescribed route, GM has a program, which I have already taken advantage of, where you can rent vehicles either for a week or a weekend.  This is how I got the back CTS station wagon in June and the Volt over the July 4th shutdown week.  My third vehicle for the internship, which I will also have for a week, is a silver Camaro Coupe (the 2LT version with the RS trim package - aka the V6 with all the spiffy features).

Here's looking at you
To continue my method of picking a single feature or two to highlight, my favorite feature of this car has got to be the heads up display.  It makes you feel like you're driving something from the future and is easy to see both during the day and at night.  I was slightly bummed to get a silver version of a car that actually comes in a lot of bright, flashy colors, but the heads up display and all the extra features made up for it.  Besides the sweet display, the radio/bluetooth/center console system was, amazingly, much easier than I expected to set up.  I had my phone synced, the date corrected (it shows you the date), radio presets changed and some XM preferences set all without much effort at all.  Yay!

That's right
I drove the buggy down to to the airport to drop my friend back off at the airport on Monday and on Wednesday I drove out one of our plants on Ohio.  On Saturday, I will be driving it about eight hours to Pennsylvania for labor day weekend.  In the trips I've taken so far, the driving position and seat have been comfortable for long trips and having a USB port built into the car to rock out to tunes on my iPod has been fun.

So, labor day plans put me on the road.  Hopefully traffic and construction won't be too horrendous.  Leaving early on Saturday should help, though.  Finally...the reward for going back to work next week?  I think it might finally be Dunkin Donuts pumpkin spice flavor time again.  I might not want fall to come, but it does taste really good.

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