Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November = Travel

Hi!  I'm finally back in Michigan after being away for over two weeks.  I left on Friday 10/26 and returned to Michigan this morning.  In that intervening time I...

Participated in LGO recruiting week
Managed to not lose power during Hurricane Sandy
Played in the LGO '13 v LGO '14 IM Hockey Game
Spent time with friends from undergrad and with my family (in addition to LGOs!)
Waited for second round interviews
Apartment hunted for next semester (might have something!)
Went with my sister and a bunch of Sloanies to Iceland for the Veteran's Day long weekend

Cool, huh?

This weekend I'll be driving to Pennsylvania and in a week I will be flying back to MA for Thanksgiving.  Yup, November is shaping up to be traveling month.

I'm still processing the photos from Iceland, but I will be sure to pick some highlights and post them soon.  Keep checking back!

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