Sunday, June 24, 2012

Places to Go and People to See

This past week, Michigan turned the heat on...High.  Therefore, on Tuesday, amidst 95 degree heat, I checked out a new area around my apartment and stopped on the way for some soft serve.  This place had a raspberry and vanilla swirl option, so I had to try it.  Life was uncertain, so I had dessert first, got gas and then went home for dinner. is super handy for finding places around town.

Dairy Treat - $ and rated highly - it hit the spot in the heat, but I had to eat quickly
Righ across from a school, this place was staffed by teens and had parents with kids in baseball uniforms as customers that evening.
So, that was Tuesday's highlight.

Wednesday, I left work a little early, then met up with interns who lived in my complex and we drove to Detroit to see a Tigers baseball game. Five of us packed into my car and managed to find on-street parking for free!  They played the St. Louis Cardinals that evening and the game ended up being pretty low scoring due to good pitching.

GM not only got us tickets to the game, but they provided food for us beforehand, too.  Between interns, co-ops and then some folks from GM's leadership team, over 200 GM affiliated folks were invited to the game.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to talk to him, but further down in my row sat Eric Stevens, my project champion's boss's boss.  He's a VP.

The view!
Looking to the right, past the Pure Michigan ad, you can see GM's Renaissance Center (Ren Cen)

Even though we had seats in the upper deck, we were on the side of the stadium that was not in the sun.  This was a huge relief since at 7PM, at the beginning of the game, it was 93 out.  By the end of the game, around 10, I think it had dropped to maybe 87.

Thursday, I don't have photos, but I met up with my MIT Alumni Club folks for a casual happy hour gathering.  It was great to see familiar faces from a year ago as well as meet new people, even a few who fall into the MIT10 group like me.  It will be funny to graduate next year and then go to my five year reunion at the same time.

Friday, I had a nice meeting with a Sloan Alum who I had actually met at a 'Sloan on the Road' event in Dearborn, MI, before I applied to LGO.  She works for GM downtown in more of a strategy role and so it was cool to talk to someone doing something completely different at the company than what I'm doing now.

When I got home, I met up with one other intern and went to a concert right near by.  We managed to avoid the rain (only got dripped on a little bit) while we watched all the opening bands and then the Counting Crows from our lawn seats.  Because we got there near the beginning of the whole show, our spot on the lawn turned out to be pretty good (and I managed to get the tickets off of Craigslist for $10 under list per person!).

Not a bad view for lawn seats - and far enough away that we were not deafened
It filled up quite a bit behind us
The show!
After all the running around during the week, this weekend, I've nested a bunch more - slept, organized - and am looking forward to vacation during GM's week of shutdown over July 4th.  I'll write more about that (and another company vehicle I've secured!) in a little bit.

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