Thursday, June 7, 2012

On my way (a retrospective post)

Note: The reason for the delay in posting this was in getting the photos onto my computer, so it's going to read a little oddly.  Pretend it's June 1st or so...

My internship with GM starts on Monday and so I'm in the process currently of moving to Michigan.  Thanks to the proximity of family, friends and people willing to lend me their car for six months (I suppose those are friends also!), the move will comprise having my stuff temporarily two places in Massachusetts, one place in Pennsylvania, one place in Indiana and then, finally, Michigan.  Luckily, GM has provided housing and so I do not have to take any furniture.  Between the mostly furnished place and buying a bed-in-a-bag when I get there, this has allowed me to move all of my stuff in...a VW Golf GTI.  Admittedly a stuffed GTI, but a GTI none the less.
The left back seat
The right back seat
And finally, the trunk
I had made a previous move in a jam packed Ford Focus, so this felt surprisingly familiar.

While the Mass Pike has been a common sight for me, and I've seen green mountains in Vermont, the rolling green hills and mountains of PA are less familiar and so I had many times when I realized I should have taken photos, but the moments were gone before I could take my camera out.  Here is one though.

So much green!
Along the way we passed the highest point on I-80 east of the Mississippi.  To honor this spot, there was a sign.  I took a photo :-)

Unfortunately, it was raining for a bunch of our drive through PA
After we left PA, we stopped in Toledo for a total of 5 hours (got in around 1AM and were on the road again by 6AM), then drove to Indiana where I was handed the keys to Kentucky Kasenga, the Pontiac Grand Prix belonging to Matt.  He's headed to Seattle for his internship and was going to borrow another student's car.  LGOs are very nice to share and swap things.

Once we picked up the car, it was time for another around five hour drive back in the direction we had come but more north - into Michigan.  One thing that was easy about basically all of this driving was once you got on a highway the GPS usually said something like, take this for X hundred miles, so other than dealing with occasional weather, the driving wasn't too challenging.

The trick was that I needed to get to the leasing office to pick up my apartment key by Saturday at 5PM.  Because we had woken up so early, I made it there by around 3:30.  Hooray!

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