Tuesday, November 1, 2011

SIP, Recruiting Week and Ambassador Day Update

SIP, Sloan Innovation Period, has come and gone.  It's the week after midterms when all you have is a mandatory ethics module (along with any other Sloan mini courses you sign up for). The LGOs also have engineering classes.  The regular Sloanies just have their mini courses and so there are more shanigans going on that week than most.  Highlights of SIP fun this semester included Korean BBQ, a trip to the Foxwoods casino in Connecticut, Sloan's Oktoberfest and a performance by a fellow Pacific '13 Philip Cohen at a local club called T.T. the Bear's Place (http://www.philipcohenmusic.com/).

I went to Oktoberfest and out to support my fellow Pacifican Phil.  It was nice having just engineering classes and only having to show up for three days that week.  Especially with nothing the previous friday (due to just having finished midterms), having a five day week now after a four day and three day one seems rough.  Back to real (school) life!

This week, the LGO lounge has been hoppin' 'cause the '12s are back from their internships for their job interviews and partner company recruiting (Three apostrophes in one sentence!! :-).  Although the second years are the focus this week, many receptions the partner companies have been hosting have welcomed us first years and so I've had some good opportunities to deepen relationships with partner companies that have been on campus before as well as meet some new ones that haven't been to campus yet.

Speaking of being on campus...I don't know how many of you who are reading this will be coming to Ambassador Day next Monday, but if you do, I will be leading tours of campus - one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  I'm sure I'll be around other times, too, but if you want to chat about LGO, the application, or MIT in general, I will try and fit that in or talk to you before or after.  Also, if you have comments about the blog - what you'd like to see more of, are sick of hearing about or still want to know - let's have a conversation.  The comments section on the blog itself hasn't done much, but I'd be happy to get in person feedback :-)


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