Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekend in Michigan

Wow, October is already almost half gone.  Other students and I have decided that days might seem to go on and on but weeks disappear like nothing.  How are we over a month into term already?  While we've had over four weeks of classes, this post is going to at least start out not about classes.

For our long Columbus Day weekend (MIT gives Monday and Tuesday off!), I went to Michigan.  I flew out on Friday, landed at DTW around 4:30 and went to the Red Wings home opener at 7PM (Wings beat Ottawa 5-3 -Yay!).  On saturday, I went back to one of my favorite restaurants out there, The Forest Grill, which is in a town called Birmingham (right by the Law Firm of Victoria - not kidding!) and then on Sunday, went to a cider mill for cider and donuts...
Filling something like cheesecloth with apple chunks to be pressed into yummy cider! Another press is on the left
...and then out in a boat on Lake St. Clair all the way down to the Ambassador bridge connecting Detroit to Canada.  Turned out that the weather was as nice out in Michigan as it was in Boston this weekend - mid 70s and bright sun.  Best weekend of the fall for sure.
Ambassador Bridge - Canada's on the left, Detroit Rock City is on the right
There, we could see the GM Renaissance Center and the Red Wings' home - Joe Louis Arena - from the water.  I waved to Canada and was reminded that this weekend was their Thanksgiving.
GM's Headquarters, the Renaissance Center or RenCen for short :-)
On Monday, since they did not have the day off, I visited my old workplace, got to see changes that had been made, hear a little about what was going on as well as share what I had been busy with "out east".  People seemed really pleased that I stopped to see them.  I'm pleased that they were pleased!

All in all, an AWESOME weekend, but one that felt much shorter than it actually was.  I flew back Tuesday morning and was doing reading for class while waiting to board the plane.  Seems like you're either in work or fun mode, there isn't much in between and you've got to maximize both.

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