Monday, October 17, 2011

MIT Quirks and Extracurriculars

Hi again.  I had to share this.  One more vestige of undergraduate life.  In order to graduate, each undergraduate needs to complete a certain number of PE classes.  I had heard people refer to this PE class combo using this particular title (see screen shot below), but hadn't seen it officially acknowledged by the MIT's department of athletics, physical education and recreation before.  This is a screen shot from their website:


In a related note, Winter IM sports are almost here and I've signed up for the LGO D-League Ice Hockey team.  I still need some gear (some you can rent from MIT and some things, like sticks, our upperclassmen have passed down some) and probably need hockey skates rather than figure skates, but it should be a lot of fun.  D league is the most basic level you can play at (some people don't know how to skate yet!!) and so I'm not really worried.  I can skate okay, I can't stop too well and I've watched but never played hockey.  Given that history, I should be in the middle to middle-front of the pack.  There's a practice/intro session tomorrow night so I'll have to see what I can scramble together.  Oh, and we also have three mid-terms this week.

Besides IM sports, I'm taking beginner guitar lessons through the MIT Live Music Connection (, an undergrad club (but open to all) formed in 2008 for people who play less classical instruments.  They have these "open source" music lessons, hold jam sessions and help MIT bands put on shows on campus.  

We meet on Monday evenings from 8:30-10 for "lecture" and then there's expected recitation (practice on our own).  Even though there's tons of music on campus, these guys still found a niche to fill and it's been pretty cool.  I need to keep practicing through!  Our first songs were Mary had a Little Lamb, the opening to Stacy's Mom, the opening to Welcome to the Jungle, a Bon Jovi intro, part of the Rolling Stones' Paint it Black and...the opening to the Super Mario Brothers theme.  As I said, I just need to keep putting in the time.  We'll see how I do in class tonight :-)

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