Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Last Day

Today is my last day of classes.  I passed in a group assignment (my last homework to turn in) already and will be taking my final quiz later this afternoon.  Then I am done academically at MIT (though I suppose I'll only know for sure once all my grades come in).

From my internship with GM and the fact that I'm buying a car this summer, I've been looking a lot more closely at cars lately.  This tendency is also heightened because, in a city like Cambridge, there are more open parking lots and fewer cars hidden away in garages.  So, when I came to the Sloan building today and noticed a logo on the front of a car that I did not immediately recognize, I had to investigate.

Does this look familiar to you?
In retrospect, I should have recognized the logo from our domestic plant trek to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.  Turns out it's a Tesla.

A Tesla S in fact - depending on the battery size either ~$62K or ~$72K
That was a fun surprise.  I had never seen one "in the wild" before.  The car had a British aesthetic to me, reminiscent of Jaguar or Aston Martin.  I hope Tesla considers that a compliment.

In between now and graduation, I will be packing, moving and cheering on the Red Wings, however far they make it in the NHL playoffs.  Other students are looking for their new apartments or houses, others still are going to the British Virgin Islands next week.  Either way, we will no longer have homework hanging over our heads.  Yay!

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