Monday, May 6, 2013


It is spring of the second year and with that comes multiple things - thesis writing, senioritis and nicer weather.  You are both busy and in the time that you are not busy, you are less inclined to sit in front of the computer writing blog posts.  Besides that, I am in the process of buying a house, so that adds a whole other level of busy-ness (business? :-) going on in my life.

But seriously, what an awesome classroom view?  Tons of flowering trees and blue sky
However, it has been over a month...when I used to post multiple times a week.  So let's get to it.

Last week brought the LGO Alumni conference.  Many LGO alumni of the both recent and further past gathered on campus on May 2nd and 3rd to celebrate 25 years of MIT LGO (then LFM) existing.  One of the questions that came up multiple times was what would the next version, LXX, be?  We would be Leaders, but of or for what?  Sustainability and prosperity both came up as possibilities for one of the X's.  I'm not sure yet what my LXX vision is.

There were speeches by alumni and professors, about their work and life and what role MIT and LGO has played.  One alum even brought his son who was in the area touring colleges to the conference.  Professor Arnie Barnett, who has taught many of the LGO/LFM students through the years, gave a talk on his research in aviation safety and added a few key thoughts on leadership.

Arnie's thoughts on leadership - Click on the photo to enlarge it
In addition to alumni and professors, there was a special panel of founding members of the program.  It was very cool to hear them talk about the need for the program, their vision for its mission, how they approached industry for funding and how it worked creating better ties across the institute.  Just like I enjoy speaking to alumni about how their experiences were the same or different from mine, it was extra special to get this glimpse into a specific piece of LGO history.

Founding members - L to R - Kent Bowen, Tom Magnanti, Gary Cowger and Bill Hanson 
Extra fact about one of these founding members - Tom Magnanti has the honor of being named an Insititue Professor.  According to MIT Policies and Procedures:
The title of Institute professor is an honor bestowed by the Faculty and Administration of MIT on a faculty colleague who has demonstrated exceptional distinction by a combination of leadership, accomplishment, and service in the scholarly, educational, and general intellectual life of the Institute or wider academic community.
The number of Institute Professors at MIT is about as small as the number of Nobel Laureates at MIT.

Even though graduation is not until June 7th, I have ten days of classes left.  My thesis is now printed, I have three of the four signatures that I need and the fourth one, along with a celebratory cupcake, is planned for Thursday.  The number of remaining regular assignments is dwindling to what I can count on one hand and I am so excited now to see what the next phase of things will bring.

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