Sunday, January 20, 2013

New apartment!


This weekend, I finally moved into the new apartment here in Cambridge.  I've got my stuff into my room and am maybe 75% set-up, but the big things coming up will be actually doing things like getting groceries.

My bed here has proved to be an amalgam of sorts.  My previous apartment was furnished and so I did not own a bed.  The person moving out of this apartment was moving back to Europe and so was willing to sell some of their furniture.  So, I got an IKEA mattress from them (no box spring).  I already had a sheet of memory foam and a headboard from when I had previously lived in Michigan.  That's it.

Since I didn't want to sleep on just the mattress on the floor, I wanted to get a frame of some sort.  However, since I didn't have a box spring, I knew I needed to get a platform bed or something with slats on it that would support the mattress.

The cheapest thing I found on Craigslist was a simple bed frame and some slats to put on top.  I thought this would work fine, until I put it together.  I had been warned by the seller that the mattress was longer than the frame (which would be OK if you had a box spring).  But, since I didn't have a box spring, I hadn't put two and two together, that the mattress would be sagging at the end.

It was so bad that the mattress looked like it was on a hill or something, it was so slanted.
I couldn't sit on the end of the bed.
I couldn't tuck in my sheets.

However, with some planning, some angle "iron" from my parents' basement (they live right in MA, it's great), and <$10 in materials from Home Depot, this solution was hacked:

Simple and functional!
Thanks to the work around, my bed now has six legs.  It is an insect.  The last pair consists of an upside-down "U" shape of 2x4 connected to the rest of the frame with angle iron extends the frame and supports that slats.  The mattress sag and sheet tuck in have both been solved - yay!

Now that I'm back in Cambridge, as a break from moving, I took the initiative to walk down to campus and go to the open skate at MIT's athletic center.  It was nicely attended and actually had way more parents and kids than I expected.  Many of the kids knew how to skate pretty well which was even more impressive!  I put just over 45 min at the rink on the books and will consider it prep for spring IM Hockey games.

Look out '14s!

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