Sunday, February 24, 2013

February is almost gone

The first draft of our theses is due on March 1st so things have been more quiet and studious around here lately - especially now that it's the end of the month.

In upcoming posts look forward to at least a selection of these topics:
  • Photos from Nemo the Blizzard
(We did not end up getting the 3+ feet of snow they at one point predicted, it stayed closer to two feet)
Some remaining snow on an outdoor parked Z06 Corvette (I must protest!)
  • A quick trip to South Carolina
(Where, turns out, I took very few useful photos for the blog)
  • Comments on my spring classes
  • LGO Job Hunting
In the meantime, enjoy a few tidbits I found from walking around a new part of Cambridge to get our visitor parking permit!
Unusual architecture - modern condos with garages! oriented perpendicular to the street
An amusingly worded reminder to bikes that they should follow car street rules
Click the image to zoom in and see why I should really be living there!
Class of 2015 - contain your anticipatory excitement for a bit longer.
We can't wait to see you in April for Open House though!

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