Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fall Flashback - working with the Pacific Puffins

As the spring semester comes to I close, I was looking back through photos I've taken this year and found this gem.  I took this photo in the fall to document our Pacific Puffins team, but I lost it in Picasa for a little while.  To give an explanation, the Pacific Puffins are my Sloan Core team, the team that I took Accounting, Economics, Organizational Processes and Communication with.  Each year, the incoming Sloan class is divided into six oceans and then each ocean is divided into ten or so groups of 6-7 (each with a max of one LGO).  So, I was in class every day and working on psets with this lovely group of individuals.  This semester I am in at least one class with three of them, but see the others less often.  Overall, we functioned well as a team and it has been fun to see the roles we have evolved into here at Sloan.

The Class of 2013 Pacific Puffins!

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