Thursday, February 23, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

While the potential '14s await an admissions package from LGO, the current first year class, I'm pleased to announce, has received our internship placements.  Those of us who are doing on-cycle internships now know which companies we will be working with for the latter part of 2012.  My assignment?  Here's a hint:

Answer? Working for GM in Pontiac, MI (not Detroit, as the picture of their headquarters above might suggest).  Pontiac is a 30-40 minute drive northwest of Detroit.

I will be working at their Casting, Engine and Transmission Center and besides trying to think of how I'll approach my internship, I have already started a custom google map for what's in the area - groceries, etc.  Housing is provided, but I will need to get/buy/lease a car for that six month period due to an optimistically worded note my project description.  And I quote, "public transportation is not optimal in this area, and will be difficult to rely on...".  I get a kick out of that every time I read it.

Related to internship stuff, this means that when this semester ends, I will be 3/4 done with my classwork for LGO.  Only a few more classes and a thesis after internship and we'll be getting sent off into the world before we know it.  It's very hard to believe that a year ago I was just being told I was admitted...

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