Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's September and we've been oriented again

While it was wonderful, break has ended and we've been inundated with Sloan and regular MIT graduate orientation events since the end of August.  It's been fun and nice to meet new people, though nothing will be as zany and awesome as MIT undergrad orientation, but it's already confirmed before fall has even begun that the MIT's firehose, not just of classes but clubs, committees, C-functions, etc. will be turned on full bore this coming semester.  I'm someone who likes sleep.  It will be interesting to see how those interests play out.

During Sloan orientation we were assigned to oceans and new teams (only one LGO per team this time - we're all split up).  I'm in the Pacific (F) Ocean (cohort) and have a team of seven people.  We are the Puffins.  All the teams within an ocean are named after seabirds.  We have two people from Massachusetts originally, two from Florida originally, one originally from France, one from India and one from Korea.  Funny how there's a greater diversity in countries than there is in states for our team with regards to where we grew up.  We've got our email list, Dropbox account and Google calendar all set up and ready to go so hopefully we can be effective from the very start.

Sloan orientation had more class type events than I expected, lots of catered food (about half of the orientation events were in the Marriott hotel right nearby) and then a fun day off campus at a place called the Warren Center doing team building activities.  I think it helped a lot to get our team loosened up and more comfortable with each other.  We've met up at subsequent orientation events, too.

Today was Registration Day, but we had a class.  I've never had that happen before at MIT but Sloan continues to play it's 'we'll do things our own way no matter how the rest of the institute does it' role, so I shouldn't be all that surprised.  Engineering classes and a relatively standard schedule start tomorrow.  I need to be on campus starting at 8:30 again.  Given the classes I wanted to take there was no way to avoid it.

In addition to the Sloan Core (four classes), I'm taking Logistics Systems (15.770/ESD.260) and Mechanical Assemblies: Their Design and Role in Product Development (2.875).  I've also been assigned to the Sloan Marketing elective this fall, but might choose to drop it and take it another semester.  It's offered every term and we just need to take it before we graduate.  I also then have to do work for committees (which I need to do more of) and general fun/outreach/interaction stuff.  As I said before, I'm wondering how this will mix with my need for sleep :-)

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