Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Class Stats

As we shift from probability to statistics, here are some less publicized stats about the LGO '13s.:
6% of LGOs have military experience
8% have at least one child (one was newly minted in June!)
10% have their pilot's license
10-15% have gotten sick in the first month
possibly due to getting
20-30% fewer hours of sleep than we're used to
50-60% - conservative estimate of LGO 13's with Significant Others
          (married, engaged, and other long term relationships)
70-80% of guys on a given day will wear a collared shirt to class (polo or button-up)
95% of summer classes are held in the same room : E51-315

I could have ended with something cheesy - 100% will find lifetime friends - but that will be up to life to determine.  Things are looking good though...

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